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We undertake comprehensive sorting and grading activities at our India plant utilizing the 700 strong employee force. Since we import mixed rags, the first basic operation at our facility is to sort the mixed clothing into 11 categories. Once the sorting is done we start the grading process which is a very customer centric activity. We further grade the clothing into almost 70-90 different articles as per our customer requirements. Further these sorted and graded articles are neatly packaged into compressed bales of 100 pounds each. We take extra care to ensure that the packing is neat and attractive and can take the rigors of the sea journey before it reaches its final destination. For the packing we use modern bailing machines designed and developed by the very best in the industry.Further we offer complete service to our customers ranging from inspection if required to documentation and all other formalities till the goods are on board the vessel. We also offer after sales service in terms of providing complete information regarding the whereabouts of the consignment to the buyer till the time the container is safely offloaded at the destination port. Currently we are exporting about 600 containers annually to various destinations across Africa, South East Asia and North America.

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